• Sean Wiebe
  • Peter Gouzouasis
  • Patrick Howard
  • Mitchell McLarnon
  • Kathryn Ricketts
  • Layal Shuman


In the social imaginary new concepts designate new realities, so with the 21st-century emergence of the concept of a creative economy, related concepts and terms have also emerged. Already terminology such as innovation, entrepreneurism, life hacks, pivots, platforms, coding, design thinking, and makerspaces has proliferated the educational landscape. Yet so much of what has been written that advocates for a complete rethinking of education lacks proximity to classrooms. Advancement of an idea includes the problematization of it. Thus, many of the contributions in this special issue question the underlying concepts by which creativity is understood.
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Wiebe, S., Gouzouasis, P., Howard, P., McLarnon, M., Ricketts, K., & Shuman, L. (2018). Introduction. Canadian Journal of Education/Revue Canadienne De l’éducation, 41(1), i-vii. Retrieved from
Special Capsule Issue on Teaching Creativity | Capsule spéciale sur enseigner la créativité