The Use of E-Textiles in Ontario Education


  • Janette Hughes UOIT
  • Laura Jane Morrison University of Ontario Institute of Technology


The purpose of this iterative design-based research study was to determine best practices when using e-textiles for learning in four diverse contexts. We employed a qualitative, ethnographic case study approach, and used interviews, observations, journals, and audiovisual materials in our data collection to explore student engagement with e-textile materials over a two-year period. The data from each iteration were coded using a thematic coding system. Results indicated that collaboration, choice, and making with purpose were the most important factors for student engagement and learning. Importantly, we found that different demographics of students require different supports in the learning process with e-textiles, and that student-driven making is critical when using e-textiles for learning.

Author Biography

Laura Jane Morrison, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Laura Morrison is a sessional instructor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. She currently teaches the course Learning in Digital Contexts to primary/junior and intermediate/senior teacher candidates. She completed her Masters of Arts at UOIT, with a focus on the impact of digital literacies in education. Her favourite ways to communicate are through poetry, narrative and image.




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