When Educators Come Together to Speak About Well-Being: An Invitation to Talk


  • Marlon Simmons Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary
  • Mairi McDermott University of Calgary
  • Jennifer Lock University of Calgary
  • Rachael Crowder University of Calgary
  • Evelyn Hickey University of Calgary
  • Noeleen DeSilva University of Calgary
  • Rebecca Leong University of Calgary
  • Katrina Wilson University of Calgary


Contingent on multiple variants, educators’ well-being is becoming a concern regarding quality of life in and out of schools. Our qualitative case study aimed to understand how educators negotiate well-being through ever-increasing complexities in schooling environments and incommensurable lifeworld realities. Findings include material relevant to (1) the cultural politics of well-being; (2) relationality of/with well-being; (3) the need for self-care; and (4) ways of being and doing well-being in context. Conclusions discuss how to support educators in creating and fostering well-being for themselves individually, and within collective and institutional levels.

Keywords: educator well-being, school environment, community engagement and leadership, well-being resources, educator support




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Simmons, M., McDermott, M., Lock, J., Crowder, R., Hickey, E., DeSilva, N., Leong, R., & Wilson, K. (2019). When Educators Come Together to Speak About Well-Being: An Invitation to Talk. Canadian Journal of Education/Revue Canadienne De l’éducation, 42(3), 850–872. Retrieved from https://journals.sfu.ca/cje/index.php/cje-rce/article/view/3959