The learning profiles of high school teacher-coaches


  • Geoffrey Winchester University of Ottawa
  • Diane Culver University of Ottawa
  • Martin Camiré University of Ottawa


Jarvis’ (2006) theory of human learning framed the analysis of qualitative interviews conducted with 31 high school teacher-coaches. Using composite narratives, we present three profiles as an innovative way to explain the social context within which the teacher- coaches have developed and also, to provide insight into the needs of teacher-coaches with varied biographies. Three learning profiles are presented: (1) The ‘Rookie’ had little or no experience coaching or playing sport prior to becoming a teacher; (2) The ‘Varsity Athlete’ learned to coach mainly by reflecting on his/her experiences during his/her athletic career; (3) The ‘Veteran’ gained coaching experience prior to becoming a teacher, often by being an assistant. Suggestions are made to maximise the learning of teacher-coaches.

Keywords: Learning; Coach; Narrative; High School

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