Make Your Mind Strong: My Father’s Insights into Academic Success


  • Sara Florence Davidson University of British Columbia


Through a series of interviews, I learned how my father drew upon his family’s and community’s teachings, which were deeply rooted in traditional Haida pedagogy, to achieve success. I reflected on his stories and their connections and the work of other Indigenous scholars in the field of education to thematically organize the teachings that he shared. I came to understand seven important principles of traditional Haida pedagogy: learning is authentic; learning involves making a contribution; learning occurs through observation; learning involves curiosity; learning involves aspects of spirituality and protocol; learning involves the importance of visualization; and learning involves the connection between mind and heart.

Author Biography

Sara Florence Davidson, University of British Columbia

PhD Candidate

Department of Language and Literacy




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Davidson, S. F. (2016). Make Your Mind Strong: My Father’s Insights into Academic Success. Canadian Journal of Education/Revue Canadienne De l’éducation, 39(2), 1–21. Retrieved from