The Journey Between There and Here: Stories of a Faculty Writing Group


  • Cecile M. Badenhorst Memorial University
  • Heather McLeod Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Dorothy Vaandering Memorial University
  • Xuemei Li Memorial University
  • Rhonda Joy Memorial University
  • Sharon Penney Memorial University
  • Sarah Pickett Memorial University
  • Jackie Hesson Memorial University


Reflecting, sharing, and producing knowledge about the process of writing and collaboration in a writing group is the focus of this qualitative project, in which we explore a complex weaving of knowledge, subjectivity, and representation. In this group are eight women faculty, all of whom are individually working on writing projects in their own areas of expertise. Using a method of writing as inquiry, each person was asked to keep a reflective journal; an autoethnographic account of their experiences of writing during a three-month period. The group met weekly and each individual shared their reflections and writing experiences. In this project, our intention is to decentre notions of the alienated, isolated academic by writing and constructing knowledge as a collective. Using the metaphor of here and there, we ask how can a relational culture grow out of writing? How can competitive, hidden barriers be broken down and replaced by open, encouraging spaces?

Author Biographies

Cecile M. Badenhorst, Memorial University

Associate Professor (Faculty of Education)

Heather McLeod, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education

Dorothy Vaandering, Memorial University

Associate Professor (Education Faculty)

Xuemei Li, Memorial University

Assistant Professor

Rhonda Joy, Memorial University

Associate Professor

Sharon Penney, Memorial University

Associate Professor

Sarah Pickett, Memorial University

Assistant Professor

Jackie Hesson, Memorial University

Associate Professor




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Badenhorst, C. M., McLeod, H., Vaandering, D., Li, X., Joy, R., Penney, S., Pickett, S., & Hesson, J. (2016). The Journey Between There and Here: Stories of a Faculty Writing Group. Canadian Journal of Education/Revue Canadienne De l’éducation, 39(1), 1–26. Retrieved from