Digital storytelling for transformative global citizenship education


  • Hoa Truong-White University of Ottawa
  • Lorna McLean University of Ottawa


This article explores how digital storytelling offers the potential to support transformative global citizenship education (TGCE) through a case study of the Bridges to Understanding program that connected middle and high school students globally using digital storytelling. Drawing on a TGCE framework, this research project probed the curriculum and digital stories using a multimodal critical discourse analysis. The findings of this study showed that digital storytelling, as integrated into the curriculum, enhanced student engagement with non-mainstream perspectives and self-reflection. However, the core elements of discussing controversial issues, analyzing systemic causes/impacts of global problems, and determining collective action responses required critical pedagogical practices beyond those embedded within the digital storytelling curriculum.

Author Biographies

Hoa Truong-White, University of Ottawa

PhD candidate

Faculty of Education

University of Ottawa

Lorna McLean, University of Ottawa

Associate professor

Faculty of Education

University of Ottawa




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