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Volume 9, No. 1The Need for Shifts In Mindsets And Leadership Roles In PK-20 Schools And Communities: Challenges And Opportunities

Published February 5, 2023

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Let us frame the preface to this edition from a few lenses that might help in drawing practical implications for each contribution by the authors.  First, the current cycles of ignorance and vicious war against schools and the academy should not be ignored especially by those who have continued to mislead through hypnotizing rhetoric that might lead people to believe that equity and social justice are on the top of their agendas.  Second, the contemporary realities around us provide ample testimony that the much-needed change has been hampered by complicity, silence, and often resistance to change by those who enact passive roles in social and educational institutions.  Third, narrowing the leadership gap is a fundamental prerequisite for combating racism and achieving equity and social justice in schools and beyond.  More importantly, the paradigm shifts should be measured against informed and courageous actions, rather than words, that contribute to the meaningful and desired change of the status quo and its beneficiaries.

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