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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2023): The Need for Shifts In Mindsets And Leadership Roles In PK-20 Schools And Communities: Challenges And Opportunities

The Slippery Work Of Teaching About Whiteness And Privilege: Two Latinx Professors’ Testimonio

February 4, 2023


Using testimonio (Reyes & Rodriguez, 2012), two Latinx instructors examine their experiences and thought processes with the kinds of resistance faced from White or White-aligning students constantly “slipping away” from doing the work of reflecting on Whiteness and their privilege. Analyzing the data through a critical race-grounded theory approach (Malagón, Pérez-Huber, & Velez, 2009), we theorize a pattern of self-removal and deflection that White students engage in to maintain their privilege and Whiteness invisible. In our discussion, we consider the role of pedagogy and ideology for teacher educators working with resistance from White students.