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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2023): The Need for Shifts In Mindsets And Leadership Roles In PK-20 Schools And Communities: Challenges And Opportunities

Character Education Initiatives And Preparation For School Administrators: A Review Of Literature

February 4, 2023


Over the past 25 years, substantive scholarly literature has been published that focuses on ethical decision-making by school administrators. In addition, learning activities integrated in principal preparation programs (PPPs) that relate to professional ethics and character education provides aspiring school administrators with functional tools and strategies to address challenging workplace issues, including matters that relate to inequity, racism and oppression. This literature review provides a current understanding of K-12 character education and ethics as it relates to school administrator professional preparation and practice. Using well-defined criteria, 31 peer-reviewed research articles published during the past 25 years were included in this review. After a thorough comparative analysis was completed, four overarching themes emerged that relate concepts of ethics and school leadership: (a) principal preparation program practices that focus on professional ethics, (b) implementation of character education interventions in schools, (c) non-commensurate school administrator attention to student achievement, and (d) school administrator attitudes on ethics and the development of character.