Le « spirituel » en éducation : une conceptualisation


  • Jacques Cherblanc Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
  • Marie-Anne Risdon UQAC


The Quebec public school system has been secular since 2000 and the Education Act states that its role is to “facilitate the spiritual development of students so as to promote self-fulfilment” (EA, 2019, art. 36). Moreover, every student has the right to benefit from a complementary educational service whose facilitators are called animators of spiritual care and guidance and community involvement (ASCGCI). ASCGCI’s activities are secular and intended for all students. Based on an analysis of the grounded theory of 12 ASCGCI practise narratives, we developed a typological model of the spiritual as practised by these ASCGCIs.

Keywords: Quebec, spirituality, spiritual, education, public school, spiritual and community life animation, complementary service, grounded theory, practice narrative



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