CALL FOR PRESENTATION PROPOSALS: The 6th Murdoch – Kaplan Learning and Teaching Symposium 2023

The 6th Murdoch – Kaplan Learning and Teaching Symposium 2023

Date: Friday, September 22, 2023
Time: 1 pm to 5 pm online (Teams)
Theme: Teaching Well

This year’s Murdoch – Kaplan Learning and Teaching Symposium will be informed by the theme “Teaching Well”.

Society greatly values those that ‘Teach Well’ and most of us have benefited from teachers who have inspired and taught us well. But what does it mean to teach well? How do our experiences as learners shape our teaching practices? What are the heuristics and practices of effective teachers? How do we know as educationalists when we have taught well?

In this 6th Learning & Teaching Symposium, we invite presentations on any Learning & Teaching issues that further our shared understanding of “Teaching Well”.

Some suggested lines of enquiry might include:

- Using technology (especially AI) to teach well
- Teaching practices to stimulate class discussion
- Developing student’s critical and analytical faculties
- Teaching sensitive issues well
- Teaching well in international contexts
- Teaching well with diverse cohorts of students
- Teaching well using blended learning methods
- Managing to teach well under pressure

Please submit your 50-100 word presentation proposal to Murdoch Singapore at by August 15, 2023.