Editorial Team 2

Dr. Eunice Tan

Dr. Eunice Tan is Head of Programme, Academic Support within the Academic Division at SIM Global Education, Singapore Institute of Management. Eunice is passionate about sustainable development, social equity, and climate agendas in the Anthropocene. Thus, she is a keen proponent of equitable education, compassionate teaching, humanizing the academy and eco-pedagogical approaches within sustainability education, teaching, and learning. A committed Asian researcher, her research interests include sustainable development, sustainability education, culinary and heritage tourism, gender research in tourism, community-based tourism and destination resilience and capacity building in the Asia Pacific region. 

Associate Professor Renée Tan

Renée is Director of the Research Division at the Institute for Adult Learning, an autonomous Institute at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. She leads IAL’s applied and innovative research efforts, which are grounded in academic rigour to provide a strong knowledge base for the development of practice in CET, sustainable economic and workforce performance, and informed policies and practices. Her previous roles at the IAL include being the Director of the Centre for Innovation and Development, as well as leading the professionalisation and growth of Adult Educators in the Training and Adult Education community in Singapore.

Renée holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of Bristol, Master and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Literature from the National University of Singapore, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Her research interests include Lifelong Learning, Adult Learning, Human Development, National Narratives and Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality.  

Dr Samson Tan

Dr Samson Tan is currently Head of the Centre for Innovation in Learning at the National Institute of Education (NIE). As a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee, IT Governance Committee and MOOC Steering Committee, he drives learning innovations and shapes digital learning policies at NIE. He has over 20 years of involvement in education, with a focus in academic professional development and learning innovation. Prior to joining NIE, Samson was responsible for professional development of academic staff and pedagogical innovation at the Republic Polytechnic (RP). He spearheaded RP’s digital learning, design and delivery of e-learning training and collaboration with other institutions. In his previous role in RP, Samson was responsible for leading the SkillsFuture initiatives, providing research, consultation and training in workplace learning for the Logistics, Hotel and Biomedical sectors. Samson lectured/trained curriculum design and innovation in learning related subjects in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. He graduated with a Doctor of Education (EdD) from the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 2007 and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Hull. His research interest is in learning innovation and workplace learning. Samson is a member of the Executive Board of Association for Problem-based and Active Learning, the Executive Committee of Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) and Advisory Board of RMIT School of Engineering, Aviation Industry Advisory Committee, Singapore.

Professor Peter Waring

Professor Peter Waring is Murdoch’s Pro Vice Chancellor of Transnational Education and Singapore Dean. Peter is responsible for advancing the University’s academic and strategic interests at each of its Transnational Education locations. Peter has previously held academic positions at the University of Newcastle and the University of NSW (Asia) including the leadership positions of Acting Pro Vice Chancellor (International) at the University of Newcastle and Academic Director and Deputy CEO of Newcastle’s Singapore operations. A qualified lawyer, Peter also holds degrees in Commerce and Management. He is the co-author of four books on employment relations and has published more than a hundred book chapters and articles in leading international and national journals. His research and teaching interests span the business and law fields of employment relations, human resource management, corporate governance and labour law. In 2011, Peter was a recipient of the Australian Government’s ‘Outstanding Young Alumni Award’ in Singapore. He has lived in Malaysia and Singapore for the past 17 years.