An Appraisal of Robert Brandom's Making it Explicit


Robert Brandom
philosophy of language
American pragmatic ethics
moral philosophy

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Timcke, S. (2015). An Appraisal of Robert Brandom’s Making it Explicit. Stream: Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication, 7(1), 1–8.


This paper attends to the moral thought of Robert Brandom as it appears in his 1994 magnum opus Making It Explicit. Insofar that it is necessarily to outline Brandom’s thought the presentation will refer to the conception of deontic commitments as providing a basis for inference and entitlements for the purposes of meaning making. Accepting these remarks as sound enough, the paper directs attention at the role of inference in moral-decision making. Finally, it offers an appraisal of Brandom’s moral thought system.