About the Journal

Stream: Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication (ISSN: 1916-5897) 

Stream is a peer-reviewed journal for communication studies that focuses on work from top graduate students and emerging scholars in the broad tradition of critical theory. Submissions are welcome from all fields and disciplines that may overlap with communication studies. Primary consideration will be given to contributors who meaningfully challenge authority, defy convention, explore contradiction, contest presupposition, problematize established perspectives, deconstruct flawed projects, disrupt existing conditions, or critique the unjust. We are providing a platform for emerging critical scholars to share their ideas, which includes working papers as well as completed pieces. We are offering space to celebrate and reinvigorate the tradition of critical theory while expanding its influence and re-asserting its prescience.

Stream Journal does not charge any fees for review or publication.


Stream’s mission is to publish peer-reviewed communications research produced by graduate and postdoctoral researchers in post-secondary institutions. Its purpose is to disseminate new knowledge and information while offering opportunities for students and emerging researchers to contribute to the field of communications studies.

Peer-Review process

Stream follows a double-blind peer-review process. Before publication, all submissions must be (in order): peer-reviewed by 2 anonymous reviewers, approved by the Submission Manager, and copy-edited. This process is organized and overseen by the Submissions Manager with the assistance of other Editorial Board members.

If you are interested in submitting papers for review, please register as an author and submit your paper(s) through the system.