Information For Authors

JMDE publishes the following types of double-blind peer-reviewed manuscripts (though other types of manuscripts will be given due consideration):

  • Research on evaluation
  • Literature reviews
  • Reflections on practice
  • Theory development
  • Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods developments for evaluation
  • Developments in approaches to practice
  • Developments in teaching evaluation

In addition to print manuscripts, JMDE is interested in fully utilizing the online, multimedia environment and will give due consideration to non-manuscript works, including audio, video, and image submissions.

Questions regarding the relevance of a potential submission should be directed to the Interim Executive Editor at

All sections of JMDE are subject to double-blind peer review, with the exceptions of editorials, book reviews, and "ideas to consider" which undergo either a collaborative review or an open review at the discretion of the editorial board.