Evaluation Champions: A Literature Review

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Alison Frances Rogers
Amy Gullickson


Background: Numerous studies call for the identification and engagement of evaluation champions in the implementation of an evaluation initiative. However, no agreed definition of an evaluation champion exists in the extant literature. Published studies on evaluation champions are limited and motivations of evaluation champions are not well understood. Understanding of how evaluation champions interact with their colleagues to generate momentum for change is lacking.

Purpose: This article explores champions in organizational settings and highlights the need for an increased understanding of evaluation champions. The research question posed is, ‘What does the literature tell us about evaluation champions in organizational settings?’

Setting: Not Applicable.

Intervention: Not Applicable.

Research Design: Relevant articles were identified through systematic searches of selected databases and reference reviews of retrieved articles from the evaluation and organizational development bodies of evidence. Theories that could assist with understanding the role of evaluation champions were also drawn upon.

Data Collection and Analysis: Not Applicable.

Findings: The analysis indicates evaluators and organizations value champions because they work to bring evaluative thinking into their practice and positively promote evaluation among their colleagues. A list of activities that may be indicative of the behaviours of champions has been compiled to contribute to the evidence base.

Keywords: evaluation champions; social interdependence theory; evaluation use; evaluation capacity building.


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