Applying the Model for Collaborative Evaluations to a Multicultural Seminar in a Nonprofit Setting

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Liliana Rodriguez-Campos
Wes Martz
Rigoberto Rincones-Gómez


Background: The diversity within organizations and the stakeholders served require an awareness and appreciation of multiple value perspectives. The challenges with respect to the handling of these perspectives and inappropriate biases resulting from poorly chosen value premises reinforce the importance of seeking out and engaging diverse and relevant evaluation stakeholders. Purpose: This article addresses stakeholder engagement in evaluations by presenting an application of the Model for Collaborative Evaluations (MCE) to the evaluation of a multiculturalism seminar. Setting: A nonprofit organization that promotes an understanding of multicultural environments through various programs, including a multiculturalism seminar. Intervention: The article examines the application of the MCE to an organization. Research Design: Single-case study. Data Collection and Analysis: The collaboration team consisted of five members plus an external evaluator. The steps outlined in the MEC were strictly adhered to for fidelity purposes. Data collection was completed using interviews and written questionnaires. Findings: The MEC approach that was used in this formative evaluation actively engaged the key stakeholders during the evaluation process. With a collaborative approach to evaluation decision-making, the collaboration members were able to share their various points of view and, as a result, there was a lower likelihood that a particular idea would be overlooked. The MCE enhanced the quality of the evaluation by establishing an open and shared evaluation environment while attending to the intended and unintended effects of the collaborative relationships. In addition, the MEC provided increased shared ownership in the evaluation that also led to an increased quality of information for decision-making and receptivity of the findings. 

Keywords: collaborative evaluation, checklists, multiculturalism seminar, nonprofit


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Rodriguez-Campos, L., Martz, W., & Rincones-Gómez, R. (2009). Applying the Model for Collaborative Evaluations to a Multicultural Seminar in a Nonprofit Setting. Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation, 6(13), 109–117. Retrieved from