Vol 23 No 1 (1993)

Les indicateurs du financement privé de la R-D universitaire au Québec: Critique de la méthode

Michel Leclerc
Yves Gingras
Published April 30, 1993


With the multiplication of data sources, the use of different definitions and methods of calculation, the measurement of the private investment in University R&D (HERD) has become a difficult, not to say confusing, task. This paper seeks to clarify the main aspects of this problem. Though it is true that University-industry relations have intensified over the last ten years, private investment in HERD has a tendency to stagnate when evaluated as a proportion of business expenditures on R&D (BERD). Though new modes of financing have appeared in addition to the usual contracting practices, like the use of venture capital, it is a recent phenomenon and it is important to measure their impact on university R&D.


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