The practical and theoretical implications of flow theory and intrinsic motivation in designing and implementing exergaming in the school environment


  • Dwayne P Sheehan Mount Royal University
  • Larry Katz University of Calgary


Helping children develop a positive attitude toward being active for life is a primary objective for physical educators. The cultivation of an internal desire to participate in physical activity occurs over a prolonged period of time through a variety of positive experiences in school, at home, and in the community. Like any well thought out physical education unit, a meaningful exergaming (also known as active gaming) program must balance the needs of the students with the prescribed learning expectations. This paper is intended to bridge the theoretical aspects of intrinsic motivation and flow theory with the pragmatics of teaching active gaming programs in a school setting. The authors have established the Canadian Exergaming Research Centre ( in order to explore the impact of exergames in a school environment.

Author Biographies

Dwayne P Sheehan, Mount Royal University

Assistant Professor Department of Physical Education and Recreation Studies

Larry Katz, University of Calgary

Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology






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