• Kingdom Hearts Special
    Vol. 15 No. 25 (2022)

  • Fall 2021
    Vol. 14 No. 24 (2021)

    From a parallel future Detroit, where androids' struggle for equal rights reflects the civil rights movements of the 1960s, to the more or less nuanced representation of mental health in video games, the Fall 2021 edition of Loading... presents 8 original papers that explore a range of intersections between academia, video games and society at large. What makes an "indie" game indie? What can be grasped of "actual" history from the historical strategy game Europa Universalis IV? What can we learn about diverse identity assumptions from the web series The Guild? What are the real-world impacts of loot boxes in video games, and should they be regulated? How our reality can be transformed into a palimpsest of physical and virtual layers by an AR game like Pokémon Go. And Baba Is You is explored as a game where  Actions are mediated through Words, and Play leads inevitably and amusingly to Philosophical Inquiry.

  • Quebéc Image par Christopher Noël

    The Video Game in Quebec
    Vol. 14 No. 23 (2021)

    A Special Issue of Loading entirely in French brought to you by guest editor, Université de Montréal Professor of Film and Video Game Studies, Bernard Perron.

    Un numéro spécial de Loading entièrement en français présenté par le directeur invité, Bernard Perron, professeur d'études cinématographiques et vidéoludiques à l'Université de Montréal.


    Cover Image by Christopher Noël / Image de couverture par Christopher Noël

  • Summer 2020
    Vol. 13 No. 21 (2020)

  • Fall 2019
    Vol. 12 No. 20 (2019)

  • Winter/Spring 2019
    Vol. 12 No. 19 (2019)

  • Summer Issue 2018
    Vol. 11 No. 18 (2018)

  • Winter Issue 2017
    Vol. 10 No. 17 (2017)

  • Spring/Summer 2016 'Micro-Issue'
    Vol. 10 No. 15 (2016)

    As Loading leads up to what will be a fairly sizeable CGSA feature issue this Fall/Winter, we mark our mid-year point with a small, but varied group of works from a series of Canadian contributors hailing from game research, industry/design and art.
  • Special Issue: Game Studies In Media Res

    Special Issue: Game Studies In Media Res
    Vol. 9 No. 14 (2015)

    A Special Issue of Loading brought to you by University of Waterloo guest editors, Gerald Voorhees, Michael Hancock and Steve Wilcox.
  • Winter Issue 2013
    Vol. 7 No. 12 (2013)

  • Special Issue: 'Indie, Eh?'

    Special Issue: 'Indie, Eh?'
    Vol. 7 No. 11 (2013)

    A Special Issue of Loading brought to you by guest editor, Concordia University Professor of Sociology, Bart Simon.
  • Vol. 6 No. 10 (2012)

    Loading presents its end-of-year issue! As we head into the holidays, we want to thank all those who make Loading possible. From our authors to our reviewers, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for yet another year of great contributions from this, our still-burgeoning field. This Holiday issue prominently features two themes. The first is that of 'nostalgia', as the works of Gillespie and Hodson take us on a fascinating journey into the world of dungeon crawling games and Beatles' Rock Band respectively. The second is that of 'interface', as Mandiberg explores the notion of in-game localization and translation as an important means of shaping the ludic experience. This is followed by White's investigation of tutorial interfaces and the facilitation of novice learning in World of Warcraft. We hope you have all had a terrific and rewarding 2012, and we hope you'll join us in January for our special issue on indie gaming!
  • Thinking After Dark

    Special Issue--Thinking After Dark: Welcome to the World of Horror Video Games
    Vol. 4 No. 6 (2010)

    This special issue of Loading... features some of the papers presented at the international conference “Thinking After Dark: Welcome to the World of Horror Video Games” that was held in Montréal in April 2009, bringing together scholars from around the world to study this unique corpus. While some of the papers have already been published in Horror Video Games: Essays on the Fusion of Fear and Play (edited by Bernard Perron, McFarland, 2009), the quality and originality of the other presentations called for a complementary publication. Given the lack of genre studies that mars the video game’s rise in academia, these conference proceedings represent an important contribution. The papers published herein favor an intermedial approach to the manifestations of horror in other cultural practices (literary and filmic) in order to chart the realm of videoludic horror. This issue was generously supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and published in partnership with Ludiciné.
  • Feature Issue: Futureplay 2009 Edition of Loading...
    Vol. 3 No. 5 (2009)

    This issue is the culmination of a very special collaboration between Canada's annual Futureplay conference and Loading...: The Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association. Within this issue's pages are the highly ranked papers from Futureplay's 2008 Annual Conference