Mind-Matter Mapping Prize

All papers and colloquium contributions published in the Journal of Nonlocality are eligible for the Mind-Matter Mapping Prize, which will be awarded yearly at the end of March for work published in the preceding year (voting takes place between Jan 1st and March 1st). The prize (a minimum of $1,000 plus additional donations collected during the year) will be given to the author with the highest vote count based on member returns. Members are encouraged to consider factors like the proposal's overall relevance to the field, originality, methodology and development stage in their vote.


Please note that you do not have to be a member to be eligible for the prize, but you need to be a registered M3P participant or Journal of Nonlocality reader to vote!


To submit your vote please send an email to both Lian Sidorov (liansidorov@gmail.com) and Mary Glose (mpb@icrl.org), with “M3P Prize” in the subject line. Please include your M3P or JNL username in the signature. You may, if you wish, include comments explaining your decision (please advise if you would like these published).