and the Journal of Nonlocality editorial board are happy to congratulate the winner of the


2014 Mind-Matter Mapping Prize 

 Joseph M. Caswell


 for his contributions to the JNL December 2014 Colloquium

Conditioning of Space-Time: The Relationship between Experimental Entanglement, Space-Memory and Consciousness



This yearly prize is awarded in March and goes to the best article or colloquium contribution published in the Journal of Nonlocality in the preceding year, based on overall relevance to the field, originality, methodology and development stage. For voting process and additional details see 





Past Winners


2013: Dr. Matti Pitkanen

Are Dark Photons Behind Biophotons?



2012:  Dr. Larissa Cheran


Exploring the Mechanisms of Interaction between Human Consciousness and Networks of Living Neurons