Core Advisory Group


Robert G. Jahn, Ph.D.
Brenda J. Dunne, M.S.        
Roger Nelson, Ph.D.
Stefan Schmidt, Ph.D.
Ian Baker, Ph.D.
Hideyuki Kokubo




Editorial Board


Jean Burns, Ph.D.  - Physics  Modeling Group Coordinator
Larissa Cheran, Ph.D. - Biophysics Group Coordinator

Michal Teplan, Ph.D. - Biophysics
Patrizio Tressoldi, Ph.D. - Cognitive Science
Margaret Moga, Ph.D. - Biophysics

Brian Millar, Ph.D. - Physics, Experimental Parapsychology
Adrian Parker, Ph.D. - Psychology, Consciousness Research and Psi
Jim D. Prentice, Ph.D. - Physics
Kevin Chen, Ph.D.  -  Qigong Group Cordinator 
Lyn Buchanan  -  RV Group Coordinator

James Lake, MD  -  Cognitive Science, Biophysics
Mark J. Friedman, Ph.D. - Biophysics 
Matti Pitkanen, Ph.D. - Physics Modeling Group Coordinator
Ulrich Mohrhoff  - Physics
Mark Germine, MD - Cognitive Science
Paul Smith, Ph.D. - RV Group Coordinator
Iebele Abel, Ph.D. Res. - Applications 
Kean Hin Ooi, BPharm(Hons) - Qigong Research
Daz Smith - RV Research
Phillip Shinnick, Ph.D  - Biophysics, Qigong
Erik Schultes, Ph.D. - IT Projects Group Coordinator
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. - Transpersonal Psychology, Psi Research, Dream Studies
Harris Friedman, Ph.D. - Transpersonal Psychology, Mind-Body Interactions
Mário Simões, MD, Ph.D. - Psychology and Physiology of Altered States of Consciousness
Isabelle Goulet, Ph.D. - Genetics, Epigenetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology 
Michael Persinger, PhD. - Neuroscience, Biophysics 
Michael Levin, Ph.D. - Biophysical Controls of Cell Behavior and Morphology  
Rajendra Bajpai, Ph.D. - Biophysics, Quantum Biology
Vasileios Basios, Ph.D. - Group Coordinator, Self-Organization and Emergence in Complex Matter
Duane Elgin, Ph.D. - Social Sciences, Sustainable Future Projects
Wolfgang Baer, Ph.D. - Physics of Consciousness, Extension of Cognitive Brain Capabilities




Administrative Staff


Lian Sidorov - Journal Manager, Applications
Mary Glose, MSLIS - Associate Editor 
L.D. Gray - IT Projects 
Adam Curry - Mind-Machine Interactions / Applications 
Joseph (Joey) Caswell Ph.D. program -  Guest Editor; Biophysics/Qigong, Mind-Machine/Field Interactions (Project Coordinator); Research Equipment and Applications, Data Mining




For questions or technical support contact


Lian Sidorov liansidorov@gmail.com

Mary Glose mbglose@gmail.com

Adam Curry  adam.curry@psyleron.com