Introduction to the Special Issue on the Scholarship of Generosity: A Festschrift in Honor of Beth Blue Swadener


  • Mark K. Nagasawa Bank Street College of Education
  • Flóra Faragó Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Lacey Peters Hunter College, City University of New York


Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects. – Dalai Lama


This special issue of the International Critical Childhood Policy Studies Journal is dedicated to the scholarship of generosity. It takes the form of a Festschrift in honor of Professor Beth Blue Swadener, whose career, steeped in scholar-activism and reciprocal mentorship, exemplifies this sorely needed praxis (theory into practice) in a world both literally and socially afire. However, while this collection exists to honor one person, it is of broader interest and significance to scholars and students in critical childhood policy studies, for it is simultaneously a hopeful illustration of the ripples made by one person’s lifework, and a call to action for scholars to live up to higher education’s social responsibilities (Boyer, 1990; Fitzpatrick, 2021; Kromydas, 2017; Patel, 2021). The issue’s ultimate purpose is to provide examples that cause readers to think, I’m already doing that. I know others who are doing that. I’d like to do that. But first, what is a Festschrift?