“Learn English on your Own Time”: The Experience of Low-Income English Learners in a Catholic High School.


  • Tatiana Joseph


The Choice Program (CP) was created by defunding the city’s public school system to provide low income families an opportunity to “get away” from perceived struggling public schools.  Although it is debatable whether or not religious schools provide better academic opportunities for low income families, the program is very popular among recently arrived families (whose children are English language Learners).  The purpose of this paper is to investigate the experiences English Language Learners in a Midwestern, CP Catholic school to see how the school creates/supports their language experiences.

The experiences presented demonstrate that this CP school is not providing better opportunities for English Language Leaners. Instead, the school is setting up students for failure by not providing them opportunities to learn English or content in their own language.  

Author Biography

Tatiana Joseph

Assistant Professor