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Models of Evangelism, by Priscilla Pope-Levinson

Kwasi Issa Kena


Throughout the ages, evangelists have adopted various evangelism models. Such evangelistic practices range from personal to visitation to revivals to media. Models of Evangelism explores eight models that pass this three-part litmus test: (1) longevity (it must have been practiced for at least a generation), (2) a substantive body of literature that discussed the model’s biblical, theological, historical, and practical aspects, and (3) a significant number of proponents. Author Priscilla Pope-Levison explores each model’s biblical, theological, and historical foundations and articulates the common practice of each method. The author’s evenhanded appraisal of each model plus repeating end-of-chapter reflection questions invite readers to reassess their prior evaluations of each model and consider how models may be complementary. The ultimate aim of the text is to imagine which configuration of evangelism practices best suits one’s ministry context.


Evangelism; Biblical; Theological; Historical; Practice

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Pope-Levison, Priscilla. Models of Evangelism. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2020.


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