Snapshots is a recently established contribution to Environment and History that focuses directly on the environmental challenges of the twenty-first century and looks to historical perspectives to inform a more sustainable world.

We would like to address the following topics in 2023:

   • The impact of war, conflict and imperialism on the environment.
   • Histories of the reversal, withdrawal or change of human ecological management of natural resources and non-human species (e.g. rewilding).
   • How long-term discontinuities in daily life practices have impacted on the environment.
   • Pre-modern (i.e. pre-1750) relationships between the human and the non-human, and their lessons for the twenty-first century.

We aspire to extend these pieces out of the canonical environmental history echo-chamber by encouraging submissions from early career researchers and those in cognate disciplines, even outside academia entirely; as well as by focusing on communities that might tend to be marginalised, in terms of gender, race or other factors.

Texts should be up to 2,000 words (some of which may be replaced by images) and will be free to read. Please send a pitch (title, abstract, short bio) to Leona Skelton, Editor of Snapshots and Deputy Editor of Environment and History.