The Effects of Sacred/Shamanic Flute Music on Trauma and States of Consciousness


  • Lenore L. Wiand, Ph.D.


This research investigated the effects of listening to a particular music played on a Native American flute upon self reports of anxiety and perceptions of interconnectedness with individuals
diagnosed with a trauma related disorder. It was a combined statistical and qualitative study.The results supported the theoretical model which included ancient indigenous and mystical
cosmological concepts of interconnectedness and sound as healing (i.e. returning to wholeness).The research identified a recording of flute music (“Ancient Spirits”) as facilitating perceptual experiences of integration related to trauma, as well as expanded consciousness. Also illustrated were previosly undocumented dissociative processes. The results support a dissociative continuum which includes not only trauma related dissociation, but also wholeness related to concepts of spirituality and expanded consciousness. The study introduced a new testing
measurement, the Interconnectedness Scale, with application in fields of psychology, spirituality and consciousness. The research points to the inclusion of sacred or shamanic world music's
trans-cultural use, therapeutically and for consciousness exploration.
KEYWORDS: Trauma, Dissociation, Dissociative Disorders, Sacred Music, Shamanic Music, Native American Flute, Healing, Oneness, Interconnectedness, Music Therapy

Author Biography

Lenore L. Wiand, Ph.D.