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Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine is a premier peer-reviewed journal designed to meet the needs of experimental scientists, other empirical researchers, clinicians, theoreticians, healers and involved laypersons who have scientific interest in consciousness, healing, and the dynamics of human potential.  It provides guidelines, scientific background, and scientific credibility for energy applications and supports increased dialogue among clinicians, healers, and the scientific and medical communities.  The journal includes leading edge experimental research, theoretical essays, clinical papers, case reports, perspectives, commentaries and other articles of general interest.  Published papers address the study of subtle energies and informational systems that interact with the human psyche and psychology, either perturbing or enhancing healthy homeostasis.  Explicitly interdisciplinary, fields may include, but are not limited to, complementary and alternative medicine, applied psychophysiology and biofeedback, PSI, new physics, and bioelectromagnetic medicine.