The Work of Eugene Peniston

Elmer Green


More details on how intuition can help solve daily problems are presented here from Dr. Green s «biosketch addendum," in which he comments on the work of Eugene Peniston, Ph.D. We include this selection here as a clear example ofhow intuition can playa role in solving scientific, clinical and research problems.

At Menninger, the Center for Applied Psychophysiology conducted a series of biofeedback workshops that were advertised in the American Psychological Association Monitor and other publications. Gene Peniston, active in treatment ofalcoholics and other addicts, came from the Veterans Administration Hospital in Fort Lyons, Colorado to attend the Clinical Biofeedback Workshop, where the relationships between brain rhythms and substance abuse were discussed, and he later returned to the three-day Brainwave Training Workshop, in which workshop participants could learn rudiments of theta brainwave biofeedback for

«interrogation and programming of the unconscious." rEds.)

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