Reading the Mind of God

Michio Kaku, Ph.D.


Recently, a revolutionary new theory has shaken the foundations of modern physics, introducing bizarre new concepts such as higher dimensions, parallel universes, and the multiverse into science. Vigorously opposed by the Old Guard in physics, it has since become the leading candidate for a "theory of everything" which will allow us to "read the mind of God," as Einstein hoped. Einstein spent his last 30 years struggling to find a single theory which would unify all physical laws, much like his equation E = mc2 united matter and energy. He failed. But many physicists now believe that they might have it. It is called string theory or M-theory, and postulates that all the particles, atoms, molecules, etc. in the universe are nothing but musical notes on vibrating strings or membranes. If true, it means that physics represents the beautiful harmonies of nature, that chemistry represents the melodies played on these strings, and the universe is a symphony of strings. It would also mean that the "mind of God" is cosmic music resonating through 11 dimensional hyperspace. The theory also melds Buddhist and Christian thinking. Buddhists believe in a timeless universe, a 1\irvana with no beginning or end. But Judeo-Christian thinking is based on Genesis, a single moment of Creation. But either the universe had a beginning, or it didn't. There is no middle ground. Until now. In this new theory, universes are constantly being born in an ocean of 11 dimensional hyperspace or Nirvana, like bubbles floating in the air. Hence, we have a beautiful melding of these two theories. In addition, the question now being debated by physicists is: what lies in these other universes? Can we ever reach them? Is there life on these universes? Is there a clone of myself existing in these parallel universes?

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I. This paper is based on Prof. Michio Kaku's Keynote Address presented at the Sixteenth Annual ISSSEEM Conference, The Cutting Edge afSubtle Energies & Energy Medicine Oune 21-27, 2006).


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