Self-Regulation Training for Control of Hypertension

Elmer Green, Alyce Green, Patricia A Norris


Over the past 10 years controlled clinical studies have demonstrated that antihypertensive medication can prevent deaths from stroke, congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, and kidney disease, even in patients with borderline (140/90-160/95) hypertension. Today, a new treatment method of psychophysiologic self-regulation developed over a 5-year period suggests that many patients are able gradually to eliminate these medications while restoring or maintaining normotensive blood pressure levels. Follow-up indicates that a healthier homeostatic balance is achieved and stress management maintained without need for continued daily practice of self-regulation.

Subsequent to the writing of this report, an additional 50 patients have been treated with this method, both individually and in groups, with equally good results. Results indicate that 75-80 per cent of patients will find it possible to comply with the training regimen, as taught at The Menninger Foundation, and will become normotensive without drugs.

This is one of a series of articles that appeared in the proceedings of the Second National Conference on Emotional Stress and Heart Disease, published in the Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association, November, 1979.

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