Eric Leskowitz


Phantom limb pain is a puzzling and debilitating condition which responds poorly to allopathic medical interventions. A reconceptualization of this disorder is proposed that integrates notions of subtle energy into an expanded multidimensional paradigm incorporating body, mind and spirit. The biomedical model of pain, perception and memory is reviewed, and found to be unable to explain various aspects of the phantom phenomenon, while the multidimensional energy approach offers explanatory power and opens the door to new therapeutic strategies. An overview of subtle energy anatomy follows, with reference to the use of Kirlian photography to detect possible electromagnetic correlates of life energy. The phenomenon of "phantom leaf" Kirlian photos is compared to phantom limb sensations in humans. Three case vignenes are presented, in which a modification of Therapeutic Touch successfully alters patient perception of phantom pain. Most strikingly, these patients are able to perceive noncontact energy interventions on their phantom limb, despite the absence of relevant portions of their nervous system. The theory of a non-neurologically based memory matrix, in accordance with holographic and non-local principles of consciousness, is outlined. Several possible mechanisms of action are proposed that can serve as the foundation for a pathophysiology of subtle energy disorders. Several research projects are suggested which can further test this model.

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Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine