William C Gough


This paper presents a hypothesis to explain the process for long distance healing. The hypothesis is based upon an integration of many areas of scientific research. We focus upon non-local inputs and their effects upon the shape of the molecules in our bodies. For hundreds of years scientists have said that if anything moved it was because something else acted on it. Nonlocality suggests that distant systems can be connected in a totally new way-a way in which distance no longer seems to matter. Recent physics experiments strongly support the existence of the phenomena.

Our model suggests that for the human body, non-local effects, which initially appear at the sub-atomic level, will be detectable as changes in the molecular structure of cells. Non-local input provides guidance for maintaining the intercellular communication process essential for human gtowth and a healthy body. When noise, interference and misinformation enter into the cellular communication process the human body suffers. However, the human mind, with its ability to operate beyond the physical, permits humans to influence physical processes and hence, the healing process of a body-one's own or others. For a person to become truly connected to the non-local aspects of reality they have to "tune" their bodies to receive the intuitive non-local information. We conclude the paper with a look at how the process berween a spiritual healer and a healee works.

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