Measuring Effect of Graduate Student Service Learning Experiences: Pre-Post Self- Efficacy of Counseling and Educational Diagnostician Students


  • Terry Patrice Overton University of Texas Brownsville



Advanced standards for the preparation of special education and counseling students require programs to incorporate collaboration experiences and collect outcome data for these experiences. Graduate students in the Educational Diagnostician and Counseling programs, collaboratively provided academic and career assessment to first-year at risk college students in a cross-disciplinary Service-Learning project. Pre-and post self-efficacy scales were administered along with prompted reflective writing. Paired t-test results indicated statistically significant differences (p <. 05) for students from both programs indicating increases in professional self-efficacy. The Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count program was applied for analysis of the prompted reflective writing and revealed evidence of cognitive processes, such as insight, and positive affect about professional collaboration. The participants assessed by the graduate students also rated the experience positively.

Author Biography

Terry Patrice Overton, University of Texas Brownsville

Terry Overton is a Professor at the Univerity of Texas Brownsville.