A Study to Determine the Impact on Attitude and Skills when Integrating Service-Learning for Pre-Service Educators


  • Dina Shouman Lebanese International University


This article presents the results of a study regarding the effect of social learning on undergraduate students in the School of Education at the Lebanese International University, Beirut Branch in the education course Teaching of Reading. An electronic questionnaire was conducted before and after intervention to assess changes in students’ self-perception towards helping their community, helping others in need, having sense of responsibility towards their community, sensing the need for community service, knowing that community service and that they themselves can make a difference, having the willingness to participate in community service, and believing that community service would impact them positively. Students also filled personal reflection papers regarding educational and professional skills associated with developing social responsibility competence after participating in a course that included service-learning.  This study showed that service-learning had a positive impact on pre-service teachers personal outcome and self-efficacy, social outcome, and learning outcomes.

Author Biography

Dina Shouman, Lebanese International University

Ms. Dina Shouman graduated with a BA in TEFL and completed a Teaching Diploma then a Master’s Degree in Educational Management and Leadership from the Lebanese International University. She holds the position of a program coordinator, lecturer, and assistant dean.  She has published articles in the field of technology, curriculum design, and leadership and serves as the editor of the university’s yearly-published journal. 



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