Creating a Formal Service-Oriented Curriculum in Pre-Medical Education – the QuARMS Experience


  • Theresa Suart Queen's University
  • Amber Hastings Queen's University
  • Eleni Katsoulas Queen's University
  • Denise Stockley Queen's University
  • Jennifer MacKenzie


In September 2013, the Queen’s University Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS), an innovative 2-year pre-medical curriculum which combines coursework, seminars, fieldwork, and faculty mentorship, was developed. After successful completion of the program, students are eligible to enter medical school. A key aspect of this learning stream is the integrated service-learning aspect which is scaffolded across both years of study and includes in class sessions, community projects, mentoring, and assessment. This paper provides the results of a mixed-methods program evaluation designed to examine students’ QuARMS service-learning experiences. Overall, students were happy with the service-learning component of the program, and indicated that the in-class and experiential service-learning sessions were beneficial. However, students also indicated that they wanted more structure and feedback while working on their projects.