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Vol. 31 No. 1and2 (2022)
Published April 28, 2022
Journal of Euromarketing

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Call for Papers - Special Edition Journal of Euromarketing

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Journal of Euromarketing
“Covid-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Marketing for Organisations"
Paper submission Deadline: 1 October, 2022

Guest Co-editors:
Dr Shaukat Ali* - University of Wolverhampton Business School
Professor Frédéric Jallat ESCP Business School, Paris
Dr Mohammed Mahdi - University of Wolverhampton Business School
Dr Emma Edwards - University of Wolverhampton Business School
Dr Michael John Harker - University of Strathclyde Business School


November 29, 2021
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Enlarged Europe is playing an increasingly more important role in the global economy. The purpose of the Journal of Euromarketing is to meet the needs of academics, practitioners, and policy makers in the discussion of marketing issues pertaining to Europe and European countries’ trading relationship with other nations. The purpose of this exciting journal is to increase our understanding of the strategic planning aspects of marketing management in Europe. As well, marketing and international business aspects of the trading relationship between European and foreign firms are also explored conceptually as well as analytically. The unique position of the region would provide fascinating reading material for practitioners, public policy makers and academicians. The articles submitted to the journal create a forum whereby a conceptual understanding of the European markets and marketing systems be operationalized, analytical insights obtained as well as the past, the present, and the future of European marketing be highlighted. 
The manuscripts submitted should report the results of cross-cultural/national and comparative studies conducted among countries of Europe. They can be based upon a single country of the region and/or industry there upon with a concerted effort to contrast the results/findings and managerial implications with those obtained by international marketing scholars/practitioners elsewhere. Both thought provoking and well-developed and documented conceptual/theoretical as well as empirical contributions are sought. But every manuscript must have an applied, managerial orientation.
With its 27 full and 5 associate members, EU is the world’s largest internal market possessing nearly $12 trillion economy. Its importance is constantly increasing. Currently, there is a vacuum in the marketing literature which needs to be filled by relating the Europe factor to the global marketing scene; emphasizing on an interaction mode – that is, the horizontal dimension as well as the inter and intra trade and marketing activities in Europe. As such, Journal of Euromarketing covers the following areas of inquiry.
a)      Functional areas of marketing in Europe and comparison with the practices of those in other regions.
b)      The dynamics that account for the linkage of European national markets into markets of the developing world, North and Latin America, the Far East and Africa.
c)      Determine the best methods available for marketing goods and services in different socio-economic, demographic, cultural, competitive, and legal-political environments of Europe at national and regional levels.
d)     The method by which European marketing institutions are linked together into viable and coherent business systems.
e)      The type of environmental factors prevailing in different European countries of the region which force changes in the marketing structure of the area countries and industrial sectors
f)       How efficiently does the marketing system perform its universal functions in the countries of Europe and how  the weaknesses of the marketing system can be overcome in the region?
g)      The various stages of market and marketing system development in Europe as a working device for generalizing and, possibly, predicting likely developments in marketing in individual countries of the region.

Both thought provoking theoretical/conceptual and insightful empirical contributions containing most current and up-to-date knowledge which offer the greatest managerial insights are considered. Articles submitted must contain practical information for the marketing practitioners, public policy makers, classroom teachers and researchers with a major emphasis on European marketing. The Journal tries to appeal to a larger group of readers, so the articles should be written in such a manner that those outside the field can comprehend the expertise and attitudes of those who work within it. Hence, a major criterion is that the language used should be as simple as possible without altering in any way, form, or shape the quality of the information to be communicated. Although not exhaustive, the following topics are illustrative of the subject areas to be covered in the Journal:

  • Cross-National Consumer Segments in Europe
  • Export behavior of European Firms
  • Marketing Strategies of European Multinationals
  • Marketing Implications of Strategic Alliances of European Firms
  • Markets and Marketing Systems of European Countries
  • Marketing Practices of Europe Companies
  • Public Sector Marketing in Europe
  • Comparative Marketing Systems in Europe
  • Diffusion of Innovations Among European Nations
  • Transfer of Marketing Technology and Reverse Technology
  • Transfer in Europe
  • Buyer-Seller Interactions and Organizational Buyer 
    Behavior Issues in European Markets
  • Business Customs and Practices Among European 
  • Marketing Interaction/Interrelationships Between Europe and Other Trading Blocs
  • European Corporate Cultures
  • Legal-Political Aspects of Marketing in Europe
  • Marketing Issues Pertaining to EU, EFTA, Council of Europe, European Members of OECD, and Associate EU Members
  • Marketing Research in Europe
  • Communication/Promotion/Advertising Strategies of 
    European Firms
  • Other Topics Directly Related to European Marketing

The Journal is published four times a year. Papers are blind reviewed by at least two members of the Editorial Review Board. Book reviews and special case study materials based on product/service, success and/or failure of European companies in global markets and industries shall also appear as regular items in the Journal of Euromarketing.
Prospective authors are requested to attempt to restrict their submissions to approximately twenty-five double spaced pages including figures, tables, and references. Authors should submit their manuscripts electronically along with a short abstract and a one-page executive summary to either Editor-in-Chief Erdener Kaynak at or Associate Editor Jan Nowak at jnowak@IBD.PL The IMDA Press style guidelines should be used in preparing manuscripts. If in doubt, prospective authors should either refer to the inside back cover of any IMDA Press journal or use The American Psychological Association style guidelines. For “Instructions for Authors” and for additional information, please contact the Editor-in-Chief.

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