Tele-Oral Oncology: Reinvigorating Telemedicine in Oral Cancer Care

Keywords: Digital medicine, head-and-neck cancer, oncology, oral oncology, telemedicine, teleoncology


Introduction: In recent years, we have witnessed significant growth in the employment of technological advancements in health-care practices. These advancements have increased the practicality and utility of
telemedicine applications. The aim of this focused review is to provide in-depth insights into the current state of telemedicine in oral oncology. Observations: Tele-oral oncology (TOO) is a rapidly emerging field and
has provided new opportunities to transform oral cancer care into the 22nd century. This review will explore topics related to TOO as they pertain to consultation, oral cancer management in underserved areas, patient
education and e-learning applications. Conclusion and Relevance: The utilisation of TOO is hindered by many challenges and this review addresses the potential limitations that prevent the integration of TOO in routine oral cancer care. A working model that circumvents the potential shortcomings of TOO is also proposed.

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