New Changes from 2022 (Article Processing Charge and Open Access Fee)


Thank you for your support and interest in the International Journal of Industrial Engineering: Theory, Applications, and Practice (IJIETAP). This year, it has been 28 years since its first publication. In our rapidly changing environment of scholarly publication, we have been challenged by many things. We plan to overcome those challenges positively and to improve IJIETAP publication experiences. I want to introduce the important changes implemented from February 2022. We restructured the editorial office and team to improve our operations.


  1. Subscription

IJIETAP is an independent, non-profit, scholarly journal that started from the academic community. It differentiates us from other big publishers in the market. Due to the paradigm changes in the publication industry, including the budget matter of University libraries and open access policy, we have lost subscribing institutions. It makes less exposure of our journal as well. We have relied on donations and subscriptions in the past to continue our scholarly duties. Therefore, your strong recommendation to your libraries helps to improve our operations. Our institutional subscription rate is only $516 per year for all institutional IP addresses.

  1. Article Processing Fee

We plan to charge the Article Processing Fee, which supports our operations, including plagiarism checking, editing, copyediting, production, correspondence, hosting, DOI deposit, and more. APCs are $300 and $800 for non-funded and funded research, respectively. APC is charged after the acceptance and paid via Paypal. Upon the receipt of the APC, the production starts.

  1. Open Access Fee

IJIETAP continues to remain a subscription-based journal. However, we offer open access to individual papers. The Open Access Fee is $300.

  1. Review Time

IJIETAP experienced a significantly delayed review time for the first decision in the past. Inviting enough reviewers, corresponding with authors, reviewers and handling editors are very time-consuming and uncontrollable processes. However, we have restructured the editorial office and team to expedite this process. Recently, as you may experience, the round time for the first review has been reduced significantly (2~3 months on average). We continue our endeavor to reduce the review time.

  1. Journal Identity

We have branded ourselves by visualizing the journal logo, cover pages, letterhead design, and others. We wish our visualized identity could satisfy your needs.


  1. Quality Review Honorarium

The peer-review process is key to feedback to the authors and scientific publications. Therefore, we do not compromise our peer-review process in any circumstance. We plan to offer a small honorarium of $100 discount toward APC or OAF to the reviewers who provide thorough and timely review reports, considering the contents and lengths of the review reports. The assessment of the review reports is part of the editor’s duty. Not all reviewers are entitled to this honorarium. Multiple honorariums from authors can be combined to cover APC and OAF.

I hope that these changes will increase the impact and exposure of IJIETAP and improve the publication process to be more efficient and smooth. If you have any questions, feel free to send us emails at





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