Published: 2023-06-01

Multispectral’s Three-Dimensional Model Based on SIFT Feature Extraction

M.F.M. Shaharom, S.N. Abd Mukti, G. Raja Maharjan, K.N. Tahar


Accuracy Assessment of GPR Data for Buried Objects with Different Pipes and Soil-Based Conditions

A.K. Hassan, M.H. Razali, S.A. Sulaiman, A.N. Idris, M.D. Ghazali, M. Hashim, S.A. Junoh


Quality Assessment of Various CHC NAV GNSS Receiver Models

Z. Zafirah, S.A.H. Sulaiman, S.R. Natnan, A.H.M. Idris, C. Satirapod


Implementation of Stochastic Modelling in Enhanced Cadastral Databased for Multi-Classes Datasets

A. Zulkifli, M.A. Abbas, N.M. Hashim, M.A. Mustafar, S.A. Sulaiman, N.N.A. Razak, M.K.M. Yusop, S. Nordin


Denoising of Hyperspectral Signal from Drone for Ganoderma Disease Detection in Oil Palm

M.A. Izzuddin, A. Hamzah, M.N. Nisfariza, A.S. Idris, A. Nor Aizam, B.M. Sharul Aikal, A.A. Nordiana, A. Mohd Najib, I. Mohd Shukri


Accuracy Assessment on Detail Survey Plan Using iPhone 13 Pro Max LiDAR Sensor

N.N.A. Nik Azhan Hakim, R. Razali, M.S. Mohd Said, M.A.H. Muhamad, H. Abdul Rahim, M.A. Mokhtar