Vol. 10 No. 4 (2015): Principal Leadership and Its Link to the Development of a School’s Teacher Culture and Teaching Effectiveness

This study aimed 1) to describe a school principal’s leadership and the context of the school’s overall teacher culture that cultivated an award-winning team at an elementary school; 2) to analyze the award-winning team’s learning behaviors, shared goals, values, beliefs, mutual interactions or dialogues, and sharing of experiences; and 3) to unveil the key factors that shape excellent teaching team culture and its functions. Major findings were: 1. The award-winning teacher group at the school was able to facilitate the development of professional co-operation and teaching innovation within the school and to transform the school into a learning community. 2. The campus ethics of affiliation, collegiality, and experience-heritage were cultivated at the award-winning elementary school. 3. The school leaders, especially the principal, had a critical impact on the development of the school’s teacher culture via their determination and encouragement. 4. Both the school principal and the school’s senior teachers played an exemplary and leading role in shaping a high-quality school culture for professional development.
Published: 2015-07-31