Call for Peer Reviewers


Openings: Studies in Book Art is seeking peer reviewers with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests to assist in reviewing articles for the journal.   The journal will maintain a database with the names and interests reviewers and will match them to articles as needed.

The journal follows a double-blind review process so author and reviewer remain anonymous to each other throughout the process. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the article and make publishing recommendations which will then go to the editorial board for final decision.

If you are interested in being considered to be added to our peer reviewer database, please submit a short (1-2 paragraph) statement describing your qualifications and area(s) of expertise along with a CV to Openings editor at 

The editorial board will make decisions about peer reviewers based on their qualifications and the need to have widely distributed areas of expertise that cover the variety of article subjects the journal wishes to publish.

Full call for peer reviewers in PDF form