Editorial Team


Peter Tanner, University of Utah, ORCID ID

Editorial Board

AB Gorham (Chair, Publications Committee), University of Nevada, Reno

Kyle Holland, University of Alabama, ORCID ID

Jeffery Groves, Harvey Mudd College

Emily P. Tipps, University of Utah

Katherine M. Ruffin, Wellesley College


Subject (Genre) Editors:

Peer Reviewed Scholarly Articles Editor:

Peter Tanner, University of Utah

Book Reviews Editor:

Levi Sherman, University of Wisconsin-Madison , ORCID ID

Exhibition Reviews Editor:

-vacant- Exhibition Reviews

Student Perspectives Editor:

Bobby Lee, University of Nevada, Reno

Studio Praxis and Pedagogy Editor:

Sara Rieger, Book Artist


Copy Editor

Matt Runkle

Layout Editor

Sara Sauers