Management Theory’s Impact on External Financial Reporting


  • Joshua A. Sauerwein George Fox University


Reporting innovations, efficiency movement, human resource movement, strategy movement, management theory, integrated reporting


Prevailing threads of management theory over the past century provide an intriguing backdrop for major innovations in external financial reporting. Three prevailing management theories, the efficiency movement, the human resource movement, and the strategy movement, are first identified and discussed. Evidence demonstrates that financial reporting innovations coincided with the rise of these theories. Thus, the needs of management, and not merely investors, play a critical role in external financial reporting. The article concludes with an examination of the strategy movement’s continuing role in financial reporting through integrated reporting.

Author Biography

Joshua A. Sauerwein, George Fox University

Josh is an Assistant Professor of Accounting in the College of Business at George Fox University.  He has been teaching accounting for eight years and his research interests include accounting ethics, pedagogy, and accounting history.  In previous roles he served as a business manager for an international Bible college, a certified public accountant, and a church planter.  He currently resides in Newberg, OR with his wife and three children.






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