Chicagoland Evangelism Research Project (CERP): Comparison of “The Big Story” and “Roman Road with Bridge”

David M Gustafson, Samuel C. Kang


Often, evangelism education proceeds with methods that are taught in classes on evangelism without critical analysis of feedback from non-Christians. The goal of Chicagoland Evangelism Research Project (CERP) is to receive information from non-Christian participants in order to evaluate effectiveness, clarity, and receptivity of two gospel presentations among groups of people.

After a student presented both gospel presentations to each participant, the non-Christian participant completed the CERP Survey, providing demographic information as well as responses to questions about the two gospel presentations. The results of CERP 2015–17, which were based upon a convenience sample of seventy-five (75) completed surveys and student analyses, are presented in this report. The report identifies perceptions of these two short-view gospel presentations and correlations between age (generations), geographical area, education, ethnicity, etc.

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