Environmental Values

Environmental Values brings together contributions from philosophy, economics, politics, sociology, geography, anthropology, ecology and other disciplines, which relate to the present and future environment of human beings and other species.  In doing so we aim to clarify the relationship between practical policy issues and more fundamental underlying principles or assumptions.

Moving to SAGE

We are excited to announce that from 2024 Environmental Values will be published on behalf of The White Horse Press by SAGE. 

The editorial team will remain the same, with continuing support from WHP partners and we are confident that the greater presence and reach of SAGE will give EV opportunities to grow, thrive and increase its influence in a changing publishing climate, while SAGE’s values, mission and resolute independence align with our own.

Starting from 1st June, all new submissions for Environmental Values should be made via SAGE's sytem, here.





Tom Greaves, University of East Anglia

Deputy Editor

Norman Dandy, Bangor University

Associate Editors

Nick Bardsley, University of Reading 
Kalpita Bhar Paul, Krea University
Elke Pirgmaier, Université de Lausanne 
Anna Wienhues, Universität Zürich
Christine J. Winter, The University of Sydney

Reviews Editors

Alexandria Poole, University of Twente
Piers Stephens, University of Georgia


For queries regarding submissions, please contact Tom Greaves