Troubling the Humanist Teleology of Digital Storytelling

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Heather Lynch


As a central strand of IVM4, Digital Storytelling was represented as a model of participatory research with significant potential for emancipatory impact. However, the ways in which digital storytelling is couched within Freire’s, Hegelian teleology generates a range of ethical problems. Freirean approaches rest on a humanist notion of the dialectic of recognition and when translated to the level of the collective, this ends in a problematic model of collective identity, which is ultimately exclusionary and particularistic. More recent thinking on the common by Italian theorists (Esposito, 2010; Hardt and Negri, 2011, Agamben, 1993) continues the struggle for liberation but sidesteps these problems through a rethinking on how the commons is formulated.

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Lynch, H. (2017). Troubling the Humanist Teleology of Digital Storytelling. Visual Methodologies, 5(1), 45-50.
Special Issue: Fourth International Visual Methods Conference