A Third Vision: Advocating Radical Scholarship

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Kwame Matsimela Phillips


In this paper I explore the realities of the underrepresented presence of the black academic and how scholastic and societal forces affect being a black visual anthropologist. I assert that this dual pressure evokes Du Bois’ theory of double consciousness. I advocate that to reconcile this tension within the black scholar requires a radicalization of scholarship, where applied anthropology intersects with social justice. Finally, I discuss the value of revisiting the aesthetics and politics of Third Cinema as an example of radical work and what a modern articulation of such a movement might entail.

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Phillips, K. (2016). A Third Vision: Advocating Radical Scholarship. Visual Methodologies, 4(1), 30-40. https://doi.org/10.7331/vm.v4i1.60
Special Issue: Participatory Research